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ancafe_daily's Journal

An Cafe Daily
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An Cafe Daily
Welcome to ancafe_daily
About this community
This is a community for fans of the Jrock band, Antic Cafe to post photos of the band. While we love to have new scans, sometimes just seeing a random picture of An Cafe on your friends page might just brighten your day. So that's what this community was made for!

☆ This community is friends only, meaning you must join to see the posts.
EVERY post must contain at least one photo.
☆ Pictures can be full band pics, individual pics, any combination of them, or photos of them in previous bands
☆ If posting more than one photo or if photo is large, please use an lj-cut.
☆ Do NOT post your manipulated graphics.
☆ It's okay if you post pictures that have already been posted, just try to check back on the first two or three pages in the journal to make sure it hasn't been posted to recently.
☆ Unless it's YOUR scans, please don't post more than 20 pictures in one post.
☆ Do not repost scans unless given permission by orginal scanner and you credit.
☆ Please check the memories for magazine scans.
☆ All general info posts should be posted at an_cafe! This is a photo com, not a info com. (that includes sales post)
☆ Be nice! We are all Cafekko here, united in our love for an amazing band, so keep that in mind!
☆ Have fun!

Want to make an introduction post? We encourage it!!

Feel free to copy and paste the following in a post!

Affiliates and Links


An Cafe Media Vault
Jrock Heaven Forums

Want to affiliate? Comment here!

If you have any questions, please message one of your staff members and they will help as soon as possible. We all have lives and can't be online all the time, but we will try to get back to you accordingly.
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